Acuity Professional Placement Solutions is an A team in several ways. The obvious reason is the role of Acuity in our team. The second reason is because we have everything it takes to make a great team, and we apply it.

What goes into being an A-team? Well, there are several elements that come together to create a strong, efficient, and happy team. For example:

A-Teams work to improve quality, meet deadlines and innovate. An A-team must have components that will ensure success by meeting an objective in a holistic manner that embraces each member’s individuality. What we mean by this is that each member of the team brings their own talent and special skill to the table, which serves to contribute to the overall success of the team.

Other essential components of an A-team are communication. Any effective team must have good communication amongst all members of the team. This is done through frequent meetings to evaluate projects, the work completed and discuss the status of whatever is currently in process.  Communication can make or break a team and an organization. Good communication helps everything to be done efficiently, and helps individuals to know exactly what is going on and what is expected of them at all times.

Clearly defined goals are also essential for any team that wants to be an A-team. A common goal serves to provideeach team member with a clear understanding of what the team is attempting to achieve. Strong leadership is also important for any efficient team. It is the leaders who assign tasks and offer guidance to the group through the project. The leader should motivate, facilitate communication, mediate any issues, and evaluate the results of project. A poor team leader helicopters over the rest of the team which can then impact the morale and work flow. A good team leader will improve work flow by being a positive influence and by realizing that they are part of the team (not the king or queen of the team); this means that team leaders should always be approachable, patient with team members, and professional.

A-teams have no room for aggression, passive-aggressive behavior, or any other form of unbecoming conduct. These sort of behaviors can create a toxic work environment and can affect the work of the entire team. Therefore an A-team has a plan and policy in place for when there is this sort of behavior so that it can quickly be corrected.

Successful teams are positive places to work. By maintaining a positive atmosphere for the team members are more passionate about what they do and are all around more successful. A-teams are efficient and will meet deadlines through their ability to work together in a manner that is operational, collaborative, and encourages communication.