There is not one specific personality type, or person suitable to become a nurse. Of course, being nurturing and patient are obvious characteristics; the areas and specialties that can be focused on within the nursing profession are incredibly immense. The options of where a nurses can choose to pursue their career is an obvious benefit.

But there are so many more…

As long as there remains a need for healthcare, the need for nurses will always be growing. Not only is there a need for nurses, the need is everywhere, all over the world. From desert states, to the big city and small towns – there’s work available. The ability to take the knowledge and care that only nurses are able to provide, anywhere in the world is an amazing perk for many nurses and communities alike.

Another advantage nurses have is that regardless of where they plant their feet – from doctors’ offices, hospitals or outpatient facilities, when compared to other graduates pursing different majors, individuals who have graduated nursing school earn some of the largest starting salaries after graduation.

The number of nurses who choose to advance their education and explore other specialties is enormous. Nurses are encouraged to further their education and the sky is the limit! Many nurses find their passion is something they’d never been exposed to before and become valuable members of various healthcare teams throughout their profession.

The hours and shifts that nurses tend to tend to vary and even flex-schedules are typically available – which work extremely well for those with families, or ones who are advancing their skills attending classes. Choosing to become a nurse has its obvious advantages. If there’s a passion within for health and well being, perhaps nursing is for you. Currently, it’s one of the fastest growing professions in the United States. You’re needed!