Retained Search

Healthy professional relationships are largely developed through two primary components: The corresponding parties working together on a consistent basis, while mutually expressing comfort and confidence with the surrounding environment. 

The Acuity Team pledges to be a galvanizing force when fostering these workplace interactions among hired candidates and the respective on-boarding firms

Retained Search

Within this promise, Acuity also disavows the superficial practice of search firms overseeing the initial stages of a retention hire, before passively ceding the daily/weekly responsibilities to a different group, particularly those lacking in substance, experience or bankability.

Our team of creative, dutiful experts can seamlessly maximize a company’s allotted time and resources with various personnel challenges, whether it’s a two-way commitment of one week, one month, one year or 10 years.  

Regardless of the timeline, Acuity maintains exacting standards with retention hires, spotlighting growth-related employee measures, revamping corporate strategies due to expansion, implementing programs promoting organizational culture and furthering comprehension with employment laws for a particular city, state or region.

Bottom line: The best retainer search firms often operate at peak efficiency during complex and perhaps urgent times, relying on confidentiality, communication and performance models to secure the client’s ultimate trust. 


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