Everybody wants different things in a career. While some like routine others like diversity, while some like to travel others like to be at home. While there are so many differences in people personal preferences there are also many similarities especially amongst millennials. For example, there are many similarities in what new doctors want in a job.

It is evident that hospitals are increasing in numbers while family practice physicians are decreasing. This draws attention to the motivates of today’s young physicians, and how physician recruiters can address those needs so that certain settings are not left in want.

First of all, like any job, cash it king. Salary, is extremely important to job hunting physicians. These days, young doctors like all graduates are plagued by student loans, especially when tuition is running anywhere from $50,000-70,000 per year, the majority of new physicians start their career with substantial debt. Nobody wants to spend the next twenty years trying to pay that off. This is why it is important to offer competitive salaries that aim at helping new doctors with their burden. Bad debt is known to delay young adults from reaching certain milestones impacting relationships, living situations, and lifestyles.

Second on the most important scale is Flexible Schedules, this is quite important to all millennial professionals and is a growing trend.  This is because lifestyle, quality of life is related to flexible hours. These are extremely important to today’s young physicians, when many coming in are of childbearing age, have children and families to consider. Furthermore, like all jobs, it is important that physicians have time for extracurricular activities, self-care is important for those in all jobs, especially a high stress job like being a physician.

Once again like all millennial professionals, doctors are looking for a steady job with excellent salary and a supportive atmosphere, they’re also looking for benefits and perks. They want a benefit package with time off for vacation, family, and education. Furthermore, people want to know that they can afford to take care of their own treatment, buy their child braces, and be able to balance their hard work life with some much needed beach time with the family!

Finally, doctors like most professionals want a supportive and positive working environment. This means that they want to work in a healthy and happy atmosphere, and have the support necessary when they encounter questions, issues, or unexpected needs. Furthermore, they want to steer clear of places that are known to have toxic working environments. It is important that you have an environment that produces happy staff who want to work there and remain working there.

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