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Acuity Professional Placement Solutions has developed long term partnerships with some of the nation’s most sought after employers.

At Acuity Professional Placement Solutions, we know that even the most sought after employers are dependent upon their employees to maintain the level of service and standing they have in the United States. Our partnerships are built on finding the best talent and presenting only those candidates that have the same passion and drive that our clients do for their business.


In our business with know that the ideal employee may not always be in the market, actively looking for a new opportunity. These passive candidates are what we have built our success on at Acuity. Our consultants are highly trained experts with industry knowledge and skill, allowing them to identify and contact these passive candidates. We have a developed and proven method of working directly with our clients to make sure present only the most impressive candidates to you! Our account managers average over 12 years in the Direct Placement, RPO, and VMS industries. Most of our team has multiple industries experience within their vertical of expertise.


We look for the best talent based on your need. In our discovery process, we obtain the information that allows us to match the right candidate for the right opportunity. Our process is extensive, but has been beneficial. We focus on your mission, mindset, management styles, growth opportunities and everything you know is important to your organization.


Then we engage our recruiting team. We initiate your recruiting plan by making sure that each of the recruiters has a strong understanding of exactly what you are looking for and then we begin recruiting. We focus on a direct recruiting plan ensuring that we uncover the top talent you are looking for to add to your organization.


Once those professionals are identified/contact them and begin our formal and detailed screening process. Over the years this has allowed us to identify potential candidates and decided whether they are an exact fit or remove those candidates which are not a fit for your organization.

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