It is well known throughout the career world how difficult it can be to become a medical doctor; long hours is an understatement, years of school, studying, and competition are just a few reasons this career has this reputation. But it’s definitely worth all the work for a fulfilling and exciting career.

Having to work in various environments in diverse situations means that your job will be challenging, interesting, and most importantly… rewarding. You get to meet and work with so many people each from different walks of life, and what is so rewarding about this job is that you will be making a difference in so many lives.

Furthermore there are so many types of physician jobs, with diverse experience and specializations. To prove the diversity of physician jobs here is a sample of ten types of physicians and descriptions of what they do:

  1. General practitioner (GP) –GP’s examine patients, treat acute and chronic illnesses, and provide preventive care in addition to health education for patients.
  2. Anesthesiologist – Anesthesiologists are specialists on effects and reactions that patients have to anesthetic medicines. Furthermore they administer anesthetic medicines to a variety of patients. They evaluate ailments that require this type of anesthetic and the dosages appropriate for each specific situation.
  3. Cardiologist -Cardiologists specialize in the treatment of the heart and cardiovascular diseases.
  4. Endocrinologist – Endocrinologists concentrate in illnesses and matters related to the endocrine system. This includes studying hormone levels to determine and foretell whether a patient will have endocrine system issuesat some point.
  5. Oncologist -Oncologists concentrate on the treatment and prevention of cancer. They examine and diagnose cancerous illnesses treatments, chemotherapy and radiotherapy to destroy cancer cells in the body, and post care after treatment successes.
  6. Epidemiologist -Epidemiologists study and search for potential diseases that may cause problems for a population while also looking for vaccinations for current terminal diseases.
  7. Gynecologist -Gynecologists are specialists who work with the female reproductive system to assist with matters related to prenatal care and alternatives for expectant and new mothers. And to prevent or treat issues that could potentially cause fertility issues.
  8. Pediatrician– Pediatricians work with babies, and children concerning a range of health issues, from the cold and checkups to severe conditions. Their work environments is extremely “kid-friendly”, and is perfect for bubbly and upbeat people who love children.
  9. Surgeon- Surgeons perform a wide range of surgeries. Subcategories include general surgery, neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgery, and oral surgery.
  10. ENT Specialist – Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialists concentrate the areas as indicated in their title in addition to ailments related to the neck or the head.