Nursing is a rewarding, challenging, and fulfilling career. One that provides the opportunity to learn and grow. Nurses made a difference in the lives of their patients which is probably the most rewarding aspect of all.

Many people think that nurses have only one job. You probably know that there is a difference between a registered nurse and a practical nurse, but it is far more diverse than that. Many nurses remain flexible as a registered nurse and some registered nurses choose to my focus their practice in a particular field of nursing.

Specialization may relate to patient age such as pediatrics (who work with children) or gerontology (working with the elderly), health problem, diagnostic group, setting, type of care, and a combination of these.  There are so many specializations that you can work in during your career as a nurse. Here is a handful of specialized nursing jobs.

  1. Cardiovascular Nursing-working with patients who suffer from various conditions of the cardiovascular system.
  2. Community Health Nursing– combination of nursing and public health practice functioning to work and protect the health of population.
  3. Critical Care Nursing– working specifically with patients who are dealing with life-threatening problems and responsible for ensuring that patients and their families receive ideal care.
  4. Emergency Nursing– focused on the care of patients who are experiencing emergencies, are critically ill or injured.
  5. Enterostomal Therapy Nursing – cares for patients with ostomies including ileostomy, colostomy, or urostomy.
  6. Gastroenterology Nursing – works with patients who are suffering from illnesses and disorders effecting the digestive system.
  7. Oncology Nursing– provides specialized care for cancer patients.
  8. PeriAnesthesia Nursing–specializing in providing care to patients undergoing or recovering from anesthesia.
  9. Perinatal Nursing – help women during pregnancy and educate expectant mothers on what they’ll experience while carrying a baby,  childbirth options, and how to bond with and care for the baby once it’s born.
  10. Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing– cares for patients with mental illness or mental distress.
  11. Rehabilitation Nursing– supports and cares patients with long-term physical disabilities or chronic disorders, manage with their limitations and achieve their full potential.

If you are looking for a job that is diverse and unique, think about a career in nursing with a focused specialization that you know you will excel in!