Men in Scrubs: Nursing is the New Black

Nurse taking notes with patient

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing career fields, with 9 of the top 10 best jobs in medical fields, according to US News & World Report Rankings.  Even with unprecedented growth, especially during hard economic times, nursing is still highly skewed toward women, and always has been.  Why is this so?   Historically, nursing […]

X-Ray Technician Jobs Are Available And Waiting For You

Brain xray

There are so many types of jobs within the medical and health care industry that many people don’t know where to start. Each job has it’s on benefits and environment, some jobs are best for individuals who are wanting to interact with patients where others are better for those who like to be in the […]

Acuity Team Recruiting- What Sets Us Apart

Doctor standing with sunlight

  Many prospective clients ask us what sets us apart from other professional recruitment agencies. This is a great question and we are always thrilled to have the opportunity to share what makes us special. There are several things that make us stand out from other companies in our field, including our ethics and values, […]

12 Flexible Healthcare Jobs Everybody Should Consider

Surgery taking place

Generation X is all about the flexible jobs, in surveys flexibility is often listed next to pay in importance. This is for several reasons. GenX is all about a work-life balance which is actually great for stress deduction. It is also best for employees with young children to have flexibility in their job. It is […]

Why Are We Called The A-Team?

Doctor holding tablet for medical technology

Acuity Professional Placement Solutions is an A team in several ways. The obvious reason is the role of Acuity in our team. The second reason is because we have everything it takes to make a great team, and we apply it. What goes into being an A-team? Well, there are several elements that come together […]

Why Choose a Career in Healthcare?

Nurse holding blood

Choosing a career in healthcare isn’t as cut and dry as some people make it seem. It is a diverse field with several diverse areas filled with plenty of opportunities. In healthcare your job is to help people to feel better, and what’s better than getting paid to make a difference? Compiled for you here […]

How to Find Top Paying Physician Jobs

Doctor with shots and gloves

It is well known throughout the career world how difficult it can be to become a medical doctor; long hours is an understatement, years of school, studying, and competition are just a few reasons this career has this reputation. But it’s definitely worth all the work for a fulfilling and exciting career. Having to work […]

How To Find The Best Nursing Jobs

Home health nurse

Nursing is a rewarding, challenging, and fulfilling career. One that provides the opportunity to learn and grow. Nurses made a difference in the lives of their patients which is probably the most rewarding aspect of all. Many people think that nurses have only one job. You probably know that there is a difference between a […]

Physician Recruiting – What Physicians Want In a Job

Doctors coat with pens in pocket

Everybody wants different things in a career. While some like routine others like diversity, while some like to travel others like to be at home. While there are so many differences in people personal preferences there are also many similarities especially amongst millennials. For example, there are many similarities in what new doctors want in […]

Using A Healthcare Recruiting Company Can Make You More Money

Surgical equipment

There have been different types of health care professionals for thousands of years, and as we have evolved so have their careers and methodology. Let’s face it, the demand for healthcare staffing is escalating while at the same time qualified healthcare professionals are having difficulties locating jobs. This is true across North America whether you […]