Acuity Team Recruiting- What Sets Us Apart

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  Many prospective clients ask us what sets us apart from other professional recruitment agencies. This is a great question and we are always thrilled to have the opportunity to share what makes us special. There are several things that make us stand out from other companies in our field, including our ethics and values, […]

12 Flexible Healthcare Jobs Everybody Should Consider

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Generation X is all about the flexible jobs, in surveys flexibility is often listed next to pay in importance. This is for several reasons. GenX is all about a work-life balance which is actually great for stress deduction. It is also best for employees with young children to have flexibility in their job. It is […]

Why Are We Called The A-Team?

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Acuity Professional Placement Solutions is an A team in several ways. The obvious reason is the role of Acuity in our team. The second reason is because we have everything it takes to make a great team, and we apply it. What goes into being an A-team? Well, there are several elements that come together […]