Tyler Telfair the executive search, organizational and leadership development organization that transcends traditional firms in the marketplace by truly going the extra miles necessary for its clients to remain on top or become world class.

Leadership Development Organization

Delivering real world solutions to the corporate and entrepreneurial elite.


The SEARCH firm for the most discerning of Executives

Tyler Telfair has created a proprietary model that services its clientele in a dynamic way that has truly been referred to as “earth shattering.” Operating consistently at a speed that outpaces all so called “competitors” within the executive search industry, Tyler Telfair has an ability to not only identify best of breed executives, but to onboard them on behalf of their clients as expeditiously as required.

Tyler Telfair has and continues to maintain the ability to acquire human capital for its clients across a multitude of sectors to include: FINANCE, TECHNOLOGY, SPORTS, ENTERTAINMENT, LAW, HEALTHCARE, HUMAN RESOURCES and EDUCATION.

Industry-leading diverse reach

Focusing on but not limited to Executive Level Candidates, Tyler Telfair maintains broad capabilities having the ability to identify and onboard positions ranging from the most elite of Chief Executives, and C-Suite Personnel, all the way through connecting the modern day business minded professional athlete with its corporate clients. The diverse talent that is Tyler Telfair is designed to assist our elite clientele not only with their day to day for profit business, but also any and all other passions that are held dear by our clients, ie.“Beloved Alma Mater In Need Of A New Coach?,” Tyler Telfair Sports Division was created to leverage their relationships within the industry to make sure that not only is your corporate entity armed with the greatest talent, but so is your Alma Mater or Professional Franchise has the competitive edge as well. The boutique structure of Tyler Telfair is designed to truly service the most discerning in every and any capacity.

Focus On Client Needs

Offering a sustainable competitive advantage Tyler Telfair anticipates its clients needs and desires, meeting and exceeding expectations on a consistent basis.

Tyler Telfair since inception has been uniquely positioned

unmatched experience




substantial investment of Human, Financial

Social Capital

“tactical” and “strategic”

arm of Acuity

thought leadership, corporate culture, transitional, strategic planning

executive search to the next level

The executive search, developmental, and proprietary U-RPO services

delivered by Tyler Telfair strategically position the dynamic to advance, rapidly gaining the competitive edge at a price point that offers significant financial value, as well as intrinsic value that can only be delivered by the elite.

Position within the market place

Innovators thru unmatched experience, ambition, expertise, and substantial investment of Human, Financial, and Social Capital, Tyler Telfair since inception has been uniquely positioned within the market place to deliver results in an expedient manner. Tyler Telfair the “tactical” and “strategic” arm of Acuity takes organizational development, thought leadership, corporate culture, transitional, strategic planning, and executive search to the next level.