We start by formulating a custom strategy for each client. We take the time to understand the skills and experience you’re searching for, as well as the mission and culture that underline your organization.

How we work for Non-Profit Oragnizations

The APPS’s recruiters connect passionate medical professionals with mission-driven nonprofit organizations, including hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, allied health facilities, and more. Our team of knowledgeable recruiters have extensive experience in the nonprofit sector, and understand that the unique needs of the field differ from those of for-profit companies.

Our nonprofit recruiters successfully staff nonprofit organizations, foundations, and educational institutions with a variety of  missions, organizational cultures, and operational budgets. We leverage our expert recruitment techniques and our passion for recruiting to match our passionate nonprofit candidates with organizations affecting great change in our communities and around the country.

Non-profit recruiting statistics

Non-profit workers employed in healthcare

Of all organizations are non-profit

Of non-profits created new jobs in 2013

Non-Profit Employment is Continuing to Grow

A major driver of the recent employment growth of the number of employees working non-profit careers in healthcare is the increased demand for healthcare services, which is driving growth in hospitals and healthcare organizations. More than half of all nonprofit workers are employed by the healthcare and social assistance industry (54.8 percent), which includes hospitals, mental health centers, crisis hotlines, blood banks, soup kitchens, senior centers, and similar organizations. In 2013, this industry employed over a million more nonprofit workers than it did in 2003, showing the largest absolute growth in number of employees of any nonprofit subsector. View Source

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