Diversity + Inclusion

An all-inclusive organization

Our diversity & inclusion values are important to us. They underscore behaviors and actions that our top level staff can undertake to foster a positive, inclusive work environment, which leads to a great place to work, enhanced performance, and increased profitability.


People and values are our greatest assets. We know that every position we’ve filled and every breakthrough we’ve had in our recruitment strategies has been powered by people. Not ordinary people, though, but people whose personal values drive them to make a difference in the world and provide the highest quality of healthcare. We believe the shared values embodied in our mission help us attract and keep the most talented values-driven people in the healthcare community.

Our internal staff are recruited based on their dedication to bettering our clients’ organizations, and stay with us long term because of our dedication to their wellbeing, safety, and overall satisfaction in the workplace. The individuals who we recruit for our clients follow the same pattern of pre-placement values and dedication, followed by long-term satisfaction and wellness. Overall, our approach centers on equality and fairness for all of our internal staff and recruitment personnel.



We know that diverse, talented and dedicated individuals are critical to our success, so we look for people from various backgrounds and give them opportunities to grow. We have long been a leader in providing an inclusive work environment, offering performance-based rewards and creating a culture of excellence.


We recognize that differences in age, race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, physical ability, thinking style and background bring richness to our work environments, and that of our clients. Such differences help us connect better with the staffing needs of our clients in communities around the country. By opening our opportunities up to any and all qualified candidates, we are able to support the overall vision of inclusion, employ those who may otherwise stay unemployed, provide fair treatment where it is often lacking, and even grow our own thinking capacities.


Through our years in recruitment, we have identified accessibility and usability requirements, and established strategies and processes to integrate accessibility throughout our operations. Our commitment is to be aware of accessibility needs, work with our career opportunity providers to ensure accessibility, provide employees with the training needed to carry out their roles, develop and apply policies and guidelines to evaluate accessibility and usability, involve people with disabilities in internal operations, and seek out jobs for those with disabilities and help them transition into those roles (ensuring the employer provides appropriate support).


Without support in a career, how can we expect our staff to thrive in their roles? At APPS we continually ensure that our staff and job seekers feel the support they need in their careers and in the transition process between careers.

How can we help you?

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