Applicant Screening

We make the process painless

We pride ourselves on cultivating outstanding talent. By utilizing the screening processes we have developed, we are able to find the best matches for both medical professionals and healthcare organizations.

Initial screening

When a job request is submitted, our sales and recruiting managers connect to strategize.


We conduct an in depth interview to save you time.


We check references.


Step One

Initial screening to verify interest, qualifications, and availability

When a job request is submitted, our sales and recruiting managers connect to strategize on what types of candidates will be the best fit for the company and its requirements. The recruiting manager will then work closely with the assistant recruiter, operations support and marketing department to connect with previous and new candidates for the positions. The assistant recruiter will conduct a pre-screen to qualify candidates and review their experiences, skill sets and career goals


For prescreening purposes, we ask each job applicant to provide appropriate identification. We then obtain job history and training along with an understanding of each candidate’s desired employment. Based on the initial interview process, the applicant is directed to the most appropriate positions and opportunities. We will never send you a candidate who does not meet the requirements specified in your job description.


Step Two

In-depth Interview

The goal of the in-depth interview is to ensure that we are finding candidates who meet your requests.


Step Three

Reference Checks

We perform in-depth reference screenings.

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